Dengue fever is a pretty common illness caused by the dengue virus which is transmitted to humans primarily through the bites of aedes mosquito. Particularly Aedes Aegypti, posing a significant global health concern.

Since the beginning of 2023, ongoing transmission, combined with an unexpected spike in dengue cases have resulted in close to a historic high of over five million cases and more than 5000 dengue-related deaths reported in over 80 countries/territories

The Ministry of Health (Indonesia) reported that Indonesia rank highest in Southeast Asia for dengue related deaths in 2023. In the past 2022, Indonesia recorded a staggering 130,000 cases of dengue fever resulting in 1,183 deaths alarmingly 73% of these deaths were children aged 0-14 years old. While there is still no specific treatment or medicine to counter the dengue virus itself, it can be prevented. In that case, everyone must maintain a clean environment and prevent dengue instead of curing it. However, from 262 people in Indonesia, only around 52 million people care about the cleanliness of the environment. This indicates there’s also a lack of awareness and knowledge in society about the danger of the dengue virus.

Considering these issues, we proudly present

Dengue Slayer is a 3D endless runner-based app which promotes the integration of educating youth on a dengue-free lifestyle in a fun and educative approach as an innovative solution to help tackle the pressing issues of dengue fever.